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Travel issues

Partial Good news

We have a consulate appointment for Feb 6th but nothing else. This means that we’ll leave for China probably sometime at the end of January and most likely will be back before Feb 12th. Of course I could be wrong because these are just extrapolations.

What we do know is that Lili will be in our arms by Feb 6th if not before. As we get more news we’ll let you know. -t

Still no travel news

Yes we are fairly similar to Sgt. Schultz “We know nothing….”, about travel that is. As soon as we know when we’ll be leaving and can book tickets, we’ll let you know as well. Hopefully we’ll hear something in the next few days. We do have a travel meeting at our adoption agency on Tuesday but the purpose of that meeting is to tell us what and how much to pack. As well as what to bring and what to buy over there, (almost everything). In fact almost as soon as we get to hold Lili, they’ll take/march us to the closest Wal-Mart – yes Wal-Mart – where we’ll buy diapers, formula, sleepers, etc. 

I apologize for the lack of recent postings but Catherine is away in Chicago at a weekend-long baby shower with her Chicago friends and graduate school is finally catching up with me. So any posts this week most likely will come from her because I’m delving into the mysteries of Avid Technology’s financial statements from 1996 – they are page-turners and I highly recommend 1995’s financial statements as well. 

Since I have no exciting news, AP was kind enough to write this story which nicely encapsulates why our 6-8 month wait for Lili turned into an 18-month and counting wait. It’s an informative article if you are interested. 

That’s all for now. More photos of Lili’s room will be coming, I promise. -t