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Some new pictures

*** editor’s note – Found this old draft from 2009 – Published as is. ****

Thom upgraded the blog this week and then told me how much easier it would be to update.  Then the first day I used it, it was not updating properly and my computer ended up crashing.  Anyhow here are some pictures from the summer

LiLi loves to paint but she does spend a lot of time painting the “special” paintbrushes before painting on the paper:
Painting Again-4395

Painting Again-4391

In the spring, we went to Davis Farmland where LiLi had a blast and she is still talking about going back. She got to ride a horse, milk a goat and help a crowd herd a bunch of goats in addition to seeing many big and baby farm animals. The rat was one I could do without but otherwise we all enjoyed it.

Davis Farmland 2009 Spring-103

It’s Alive

Yes, this site is still live despite the best efforts of Facebook to kill independent WP_20150907_17_02_08_Promedia. I’m fighting the power (cue Chuck D.) and reactivating the site. Obviously I need to pick a better theme but this one is a starting point since it was made in year.

So as some of you know we are going back to China in October and due to “Chinese internet conditions” aka “The Great Chinese Firewall” updates here or on Facebook may be problematic.

Meanwhile here’s a photo of Li Li which is the only reason people come here. More posts, updates and photos will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

Yet another lecture on updating my blog

I was having dinner with an old friend and her husband last night and she proceeded to lecture me on the need to update my blog more frequently. She also commented on just how cute Li Li was, so I’ll forgive her. In my previous entry I talked about the picture that Catherine printed out with her and Li Li, so here it is.

Catherine Li Li Swing

I am afraid we have a future gymnast or daredevil on our hands. Li Li absolutely loves fresh air rushing on her face – whether it’s swinging on a swing or being tossed in the air. We’ll see what happens but given my past proclivities for thrill seeking and the resulting emergency room visits I’m probably due for some of the heartaches I caused my mom.

I was in the ER so often the nurses knew my mother by name and my first visit to the ER was sometime around Li Li’s age. I’m told I decided I wanted to get off the bicycle my mom was riding – so I unbuckled the safety belt on my child seat and jumped — oblivious to the fact that my mom was going about 15 miles an hour. My mom turned around to see a very bloody face, a bleeding tongue and lots of road rash. She also found out they didn’t typically stitch tongues back then. Hopefully I won’t find out what they do for cut tongues now adays.

Anyway, as much as our daughter is thrill seeker she can also play quietly. Here she is enjoying the charms of filling a bucket with sand.

Li Li Beach Sand

That’s all for now. -t

A blast from the past

Since it’s been a while between posts I thought I would post this snapshot that someone gave us from Gotcha Day as it’s called. Li Li was not happy as you can tell and she was buried somewhere in that snow suit. I’m in shock and Catherine couldn’t be happier.

Gotcha Day

Our little girl has grown a lot but she’s still little and she can still communicate her displeasure with a situation. Hopefully this will tide you over for a little bit until we can get some more pictures up.