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Yet another lecture on updating my blog

I was having dinner with an old friend and her husband last night and she proceeded to lecture me on the need to update my blog more frequently. She also commented on just how cute Li Li was, so I’ll forgive her. In my previous entry I talked about the picture that Catherine printed out with her and Li Li, so here it is.

Catherine Li Li Swing

I am afraid we have a future gymnast or daredevil on our hands. Li Li absolutely loves fresh air rushing on her face – whether it’s swinging on a swing or being tossed in the air. We’ll see what happens but given my past proclivities for thrill seeking and the resulting emergency room visits I’m probably due for some of the heartaches I caused my mom.

I was in the ER so often the nurses knew my mother by name and my first visit to the ER was sometime around Li Li’s age. I’m told I decided I wanted to get off the bicycle my mom was riding – so I unbuckled the safety belt on my child seat and jumped — oblivious to the fact that my mom was going about 15 miles an hour. My mom turned around to see a very bloody face, a bleeding tongue and lots of road rash. She also found out they didn’t typically stitch tongues back then. Hopefully I won’t find out what they do for cut tongues now adays.

Anyway, as much as our daughter is thrill seeker she can also play quietly. Here she is enjoying the charms of filling a bucket with sand.

Li Li Beach Sand

That’s all for now. -t

A day at the beach (or at 30 minutes)

Recently on a beautiful Friday afternoon we all snuck out of the house a bit early and went to the beach complete with buckets and shovels, cameras and dogs in tow. Li Li wasn’t too sure about the water which was a little chilly but she liked playing in the sand with her shovel. A good time was had by all especially the dogs who relished the opportunity to frolic in the salt water.

One of the reasons we brought the camera (like I need a reason to bring a camera) was because we recently realized we have almost no pictures of Li Li with me except from our time in China. This realization came recenty because this summer when Catherine went on her annual sailing trip she printed out a picture of her with Li Li and pasted it on the wall next to the changing table so Li Li could see it. Two months later it’s still there and Li Li likes to touch it, especially in the morning. Since I’m gone during the week so much, I thought maybe we could post one of me and Li Li together as well. But we really couldn’t find one, so we decided to take one.

I think it came out fairly decent since I’m usually the one behind the camera. Li Li is as cute as ever.

Me and Li Li

The other picture I’ll post is a picture of Li Li with our next door neighbor Margaret. Margaret’s husband Peter has a lush and productive raspberry patch from which Li Li must consume a half-pint of rasberries every day. Peter picks them for her and Li Li smiles and smiles as she gobbles them down at light speed. Margaret is a big fan of Li Li and greatly enjoys her Li Li time especially when Li Li is in happy mood.

Li Li Raspberry

Well that’s enough for now. My flight will be boarding soon after another 3 hour weather delay. We’ll keep trying to post some of our recent pictures. -t

A blast from the past

Since it’s been a while between posts I thought I would post this snapshot that someone gave us from Gotcha Day as it’s called. Li Li was not happy as you can tell and she was buried somewhere in that snow suit. I’m in shock and Catherine couldn’t be happier.

Gotcha Day

Our little girl has grown a lot but she’s still little and she can still communicate her displeasure with a situation. Hopefully this will tide you over for a little bit until we can get some more pictures up.

Blog problems fixed

You may have noticed the extreme lack of activity over the last few months. There is a reason for it and it’s a funny little story. Iwork in the IT field and I’ve been preaching to people for decades that they should have backups and do testing before they do upgrades – whether it’s their home computer or an application at work. Of course my advice is for others. I wish i had followed my own advice. I performed a needed security upgrade which seemed to go okay until I realized I no longer had access to the admin panel to make new posts. Ironic huh. Anyway, we’ve fixed this little problem and pictures of Li Li will soon be populating this site. The irony is that while we couldn’t post the spammers have had a field day filling up our comments with over 600 spam messages for viagra, cialis and many other things that would make a sailor’s face blanch.

Li Li is doing great and is starting to walk fairly confidently, except when Maggie knocks her over. Weve had good weather, I passed that set of exams and I’m now getting ready for another cycle of exams. Only 11 more months – give or take a a few days – until my MBA is complete.

When I get home I’ll try to find some pictures. Thanks everybody. Ciao, Thom