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Mizzou playing for Big 12 Championship and much more

Obviously Li Li’s support is what tipped the balance for Missouri against Kansas – that and Chase Daniel’s incredible perfromance.

Mizzou smoke

Mizzou is finally emerging from the fog of the 80s and 90s where most games were decided in the 1st quarter and the only question was whether or not to stay until the end of the game – not whether Mizzou would pull out a win.

In fact my friend Mary and I went to many games together – the most recent in 2005.

Mary Mizzou

Catherine has been to one Missouri game – but because it was Nebraska before Mizzou figured out how to beat the Huskers and the aforementioned policy of staying until the end of the game regardless of score – she has expressed a singular desire to never attend another Missouri football game. Now Li Li will be different – I can’t wait until she’s old enough to go to a Missouri football game and have her first slice of Shakespeare’s pizza.

The game is on tonight at 8 and we’ll all be singing the Mizzou fight song

M – I – Z, Z – O – U