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One year ago today

Well, it has been 1 year as of today and what a year. LiLi has gone from a 10 month old infant who could just sit with support to a 22 month old toddler who decided today to make one of those developmental leaps that toddlers seem to make in their sleep. She seems to be more confident in her skills and is trying new things. Today she practiced walking up the stairs only holding one of my hands and then by the end of the day decided to walk up our front steps all by herself. She also spoke a definitive sentence today. We had gone to Starbucks and she was practicing climbing into the big girl chair by herself and wanted no help. After doing this with a little bit of a struggle a couple of times, she did it quite easily and then turned to me and said “I do, Mommy!” She was quite proud of herself.
As a tribute to the last year, I am going to do a retrospective of pictures. Some may be repeats and some are ones we never got around to posting because we were not posting very often.

Gotcha Day Jan 29, 2007

Last Day in China Feb 2007

First home Feb 2007

New friends Feb 2007

Meeting Cousin LiLa Feb 2007

Reading with Gram March 2007

Open House/Birthday March 2007

Becoming a Red Sox fan April 2007

Easter Day 2007 with Nana

May 2007 playing

Meeting Aunt Anne May 2007

Meeting cousin Emily May 2007

Having fun with Aunt Sara Lee June 2007

Enjoying Gram June 2007

Hanging with cousin Lila June 2007

Fourth of July 2007 with Nana

Going to Montana with Poppie August 2007

Visit to Montana August 2007

Visit to Montana August 2007

Visit to Montana August 2007

Visit to Montana August 2007

Rapper baby Sept 2007

At the beach with Daddy Sept 2007

Halloween 2007

Reading with Uncle Jay and Aunt Brett Nov 2007

With Luke Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Enjoying the sun with Daddy and Maggie Jan 2008

Playgroup Jan 2008

Future boss of something Jan 2008

Ok, I know it is a lot of pictures but it was quite a year.


LiLi has some obsessions as I have mentioned before and one of them is snowmen. She loves the song “Frosty the Snowman” and her Nana has a book of the song and a little snowman bell that she can hold when the story is read to her. She calls them Thumper which comes from “Thumety, Thump, Thump look at Frosty go….” Anyhow, as you can imagine, she now has quite a few snowmen and she loves to point them out to you and give them hugs. Actually, she insisted on giving a snow globe with snowmen in it a hug yesterday. Sometimes when she see them she gets so excited that she almost cries and needs her lamby for comfort.
Last week it snowed. We came home on Monday night and I let LiLi out of the car and was getting the bags out while she stared across the street. Then I heard her same “Thumper” in this awed voice and then in an excited voice and then ask for her lamby because she was so excited, she was near tears. Sure enough, across the street someone had built a snowman. She was so thrilled that she wanted to go over and give it a hug. To make things even better, she could see him out the window of the house while she ate. Poppie came over for dinner that night and she kept pointing “Thumper” out to him. The next morning, she did not know whether to look at the bird feeder or the snowman(as the bird feeder did not have food in it, the snowman was a better bet).
On Tuesday morning, we walked across the street to look at “Thumper.” I am guessing that he was built by college students since his eyes and mouth were made from beer caps. She had her Nana take her over that night, too. Well, Wednesday morning, we again strolled over to the snowman and now he had very large male genitalia so we could not get too close. Then his facial expression changed later in the week to an “Oh” versus the original smile. Unfortunately, to all of our disappointments, he has now melted. The advantage of having a child whose favorite song is Frosty is that you can just tell her that he will be back again someday.

Unrelated picture except that we have to build snowmen with the playdoh


I am not a big football fan. I did not particularly like it as a child and did not begin to watch games until college when I lived in a quad and one of my roommates watched the college games on Saturdays and the other one watched the NFL on Sundays. I enjoy it now, but baseball is by far my favorite sport.
However, I have another friend whose brothers taught her the football signals when she was little and they are quite fun to learn(at least what few I know). Therefore, we have been teaching LiLi some football signals and it is really quite fun to get her to do them. Lately, she only does them when she feels like it. This disappoints her Poppie who loves to have her do the signals and keeps asking her for them. However, the other day, I was able to get her to do some signals and in celebration of football season and the patriots, here they are.



Invalid fair catch

Invalid fair catch continued


Touchdown again


LiLi has spent the last couple of weeks visiting with her cousins. First her cousins from Brooklyn Lila and Clare came to stay with Nana and Poppie and LiLi enjoyed going over there to play with Lila. Her only real reference to Clare is saying baby.

LiLi, Clare and Lila

Last weekend we went down to visit Thom’s sister Becky, Uncle Mike, cousin Emily and Gram. LiLi had a lot of fun playing with cousin Emily. We went to the park and fed the ducks which are so tame that a lot of them will eat out of your hands. LiLi touched one duck but would not let them eat out of her hand. She then enjoyed swinging with Emily.
The next day we went to the zoo. It was a great zoo and the animals were very active. LiLi got to see the lion roar and the alpha male monkey try to attack the window of the observatory. That gave her a delayed scare. She was fine when it happened and then about 5 minutes later started to cry and wanted to move away but then about 5 minutes later she wanted to go back and see the monkeys again with Daddy. The whole trip was a lot of fun and LiLi enjoyed herself a lot.
LiLi also remains a great traveler. She was fabulous on the plane both ways even though both times she was tired. On the way there, we flew during bedtime and on the way back during her nap. Stickers worked very well at keeping her occupied. By the time we landed at Logan, LiLi had covered her whole face with snowmen stickers and she was a very happy child who thought she looked quite spectacular and kept feeling to make sure that the sticker was still on her nose.

LiLi, Emily and Uncle Mike

LiLi and Emily at the zoo