Monthly Archives: March 2008


LiLi made one of those developmental jumps today that seem to occur overnight. This morning we were eating breakfast and she said something to me. I did not understand it and asked her to repeat it two more times thinking that I would never know what she was trying to say. On the third repetition, I realized that she had said “Daddy is in Russia.” (and he is). I was stunned that she had actually said that as a sentence and that she could also bring it up to me. Also, something about her whole demeanor just seemed older today.
Anyhow, below are a couple of pictures that I took tonight. I was trying the sunglasses on her face to see if they still fit. She then wanted to keep them on which was a change from last year when I would try to put them on her face and she would immediately pull them off. Then she went and got her chef’s hat to add to the whole “look.” As you can tell, she is quite proud of herself.



LiLi is Two

LiLi turned 2 yesterday and we had a very nice day. All day long, friends and family called and wished her a happy birthday and she just looked slightly confused having absolutely no idea what they were talking about but she enjoys talking on the telephone. Lila called and sang her Happy Birthday on the voice mail and we both enjoyed it very much. LiLi is definately growing up quickly. She passed out of EI this week which was to be expected. It is a great thing although we will miss seeing Kate, our physical therapist. We had a wonderful experience with EI. LiLi is also talking a lot more. She is sometimes using 3 – 4 word sentences although she often has to say them numerous times before I understand what she is saying. One of her favorite sayings is “Here you go.” It is really quite interesting to find out all of the things you say a lot without realizing it and it sounds quite funny coming out of a 2 year olds mouth.
Sara Lee came over for dinner and made some wonderful cupcakes and Margaret and Peter came over to share them with us. Again, LiLi had really no idea why she was getting a cupcake with 2 candles on it but she certainly enjoyed it after the candles were blown out. She also enjoyed Brigham’s Peppermint Stick ice cream which is her mother’s favorite.

LiLi playing with her new train set

Opening a present. She is very neat about it.

Playing with Sara Lee


Now we can eat