Monthly Archives: April 2008

Fashion Sense

LiLi has quite a fashion sense. She gets to pick out her hat every morning and it almost never matches her outfit. I am not exactly sure why she believes that she need a hat every day but she does. Unfortunately, I do not often have the camera within easy access to catch these outfits. However, let me just say that they usually involve a pink coat and a red hat. One of my favorite outfits recently was her pink and brown raincoat with her red strawberry hat(one of her favorites) and then she carried the red(a totally different color red than the strawberry hat) and yellow umbrella. She looked fabulous.

One of our favorite red hats. I think she likes the jewel and the braid down the back.

Practicing with our new umbrella

Sharing her umbrella with Maggie

Building a house

Sara Lee was in town for over a month and unfortunately, she had to go home and we do miss her. Here are some pictures of LiLi and Sara Lee building a house out of a box. I had just put the box over on its side and LiLi ignored it but Sara Lee arrived and within a few minutes they were hard at work making a house. LiLi decorated the inside with stickers and then put those on Sara Lee’s face on a different day.





New Friends In Florida

As I mentioned before, LiLi had the chance to meet many of my good friends while in Florida. She enjoyed herself quite a bit especially hanging out with the older kids.

LiLi and Ani

LiLi and Solena

LiLi and Sue

LiLi and Ani again

LiLi and Solena again

LiLi, Solena and Ani