Monthly Archives: April 2009

Nutmeg – a brief interlude

I was so proud of my daughter over the weekend. She was helping (she loves to help cook) me make french toast for breakfast and I needed some nutmeg(we use the seeds) and I opened the spice drawer and jokingly said to LiLi, after being unable to find the nutmeg, where is the nutmeg and she after looking for a few seconds she pulled out the nutmeg jar. Well, Thom did not believe me when I told him about it. So I opened the drawer and asked LiLi where the nutmeg was and she again pulled it out. Thom was flabbergasted and I was so proud.

Easter eggs

LiLi enjoyed dyeing Easter eggs with Nana and Mommy. She was so determined to do it all herself and very methodical in how she put the eggs in the dye. She also enjoyed peeling and eating them on Easter morning. It seemed that she liked only a couple of colors but she did think it was great when I showed her how to make purple(that is her favorite color).






We went to Florida over Easter and had quite a nice time. It was so nice to get away from the cold weather and be able to wear shorts. LiLi has recently started to wear leggings as the weather has gotten warmer because she has figured out that she can pull them up to her knees and she seems to really enjoy having nothing on her legs so she really loves the freedom of summer wear.
In the few weeks before we went on vacation, LiLi would say something about wearing a dress to a party in Florida. She seemed to believe she would be going from one party to another because I had mentioned wearing a dress for Easter and for visiting at Aunt Anne, Gom and Capt E’s condo. Well in the end, she did get to go to a couple of parties including a birthday party for her the night we arrived since Nana and Poppie had been in Florida on her birthday.



Two days later, we went to our second party at the condo as mentioned above. LiLi, Nana and I went early in quest of alligators which is one of LiLi’s goals since last year at the condo, we spent about an hour watching an alligator. Also, we had gone on a airboat ride the day before and we had seen any alligators much to LiLi’s disappointment. So, Gom had promised us a mommy alligator and some babies and she delivered. We saw a mother alligator and 5 babies hanging out in the water. LiLi, Anne and I left the scene before the attempt by the alligator on a bird lirking nearby. Since that episode, LiLi and I have been watching some alligator videos on the National Geographic site and I think the alligator may have attacked the bird to protect her babies or maybe she was hungry. Anyhow, after seeing the alligator, we went to dinner on the beach and had a wonderful time.

Dinner on the beach wearing a necklace borrowed from Aunt Anne

Playing with her glow sticks