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Grills, Legos and Squid

LiLi, Thom and I went in search last weekend for parts for my Australian grill. You have to know that I love my grill but it is no longer made and the company that made it is under new management and there customer service is lacking. Anyhow, because it is australian and no longer made and I had to get a new flame tamer type, I have spent the last 2 months on the internet trying to figure out what I need because none of them big box stores carry anything remotely similar. I finally decided to see if I could find a store in Massachusetts and I did up in the Braintree area. So all three of us headed that way(I am not sure why all of us had to go but it did end up being a nice day). We told LiLi that we would take her somewhere special after going to get mommy’s grill parts. We hit the jackpot, I found all the parts I needed to rebuild the inside of my grill and some great customer service.
Then we headed over to the mall which has a Lego store. As I thought, LiLi loved this store and spent at least 45 minutes playing with the legos and looking in the little windows to see the creations. The problem was that the holes where slight too high for her to see into so I had to lift her at an odd angle or when I turned around she would be precariously standing on the shelf to look into the window. I think her favorite part of the store was the back wall where they had all the small legos that you could buy. She has the duplos but seems even more intrigued by the smaller legos. We ended up getting a large building base and some zoo animals. While we were in the Lego store, Thom suddenly remembered that there was suppose to be an Asian supermarket in the area and he found it on his phone(sort of, it is a good think I have a map book in my car). We decided to head over there and have lunch and then go shopping. We found out there was a China Pearl in the same shopping plaza so we ended up having Dim Sum. I happened to look over at LiLi during our meal and there she was with the body of a fried squid inside her mouth and the legs dangling on the outside chewing away and looking around the restaurant at all the people trying to get someone to engage with her. It was quite a sight. Unfortunately, when I tried to take a picture with Thom’s phone the moment had passed. After lunch, we went shopping and then headed home exhausted.
Since that trip, I have a grill that once again works as fabulously as it is suppose to work and we are continually tripping over huge Lego creations made by LiLi. It was therefore a fabulously successful trip.
Random picture


Another Aunt Brett Creation

Aunt Brett called me last week to tell me that she had found a new dress pattern for a kimono dress that she thought was perfect for LiLi. Because of her fabulous ability to choose fabrics, LiLi was delighted with the creation(well that and the fact that it has purple in it which is her favorite color.




There is a great park that we have just discovered that is predominately for climbing. There are 5 swings, one slide, 2 small sandboxes, a couple of hammocks and then a lot of climbing equipment. LiLi loves this park and seems to have no fear about climbing. There is a rope bridge that connects the two big climbing appartuses and Thom has taught LiLi how to get up there and climb across. I was recently at the park with LiLi and she scaled on up and then walked across that bridge. Needless to say, it is very hard to look unconcerned but I have to admit that I admire her willingness to try this and I actually don’t remember having any fear of climbing as a child either. It is too bad that most of us tend to out grow this.




See Auntie Brett, I am growing into this dress.


This morning we were laying in bed talking and of course, as is the thought process, reviewing people who have hurt us or been hurt by us. So we had to review one of our friends who accidently hit LiLi when LiLi went up the slide the wrong way and he was swinging from a bar at the top. Then we talked about how it was an accident. Then we discussed the time where LiLi pulled one of her friends hair and that it was not nice thing to do(this happened about 4 months ago but she referred to it as yesterday) and how if you do that you go to a timeout. We talked about how that is not a nice thing to do and LiLi’s reply was “I don’t want to be mean and I don’t want to be married.”
Ah, the disjointed thought processes of a three-year old.