Monthly Archives: May 2009


Poppie built LiLi a sandbox for her birthday. It has been in the process for the last couple of weeks. When we have gone to Poppie and Nana’s, we had, of course, all gone out to admire the progress but LiLi just did not get what it was going to be. Then Poppie dropped it off at our house a few days ago and because it was not full of sand, she still did not understand it. Then Sunday morning, Thom filled it with sand and we looked out the window at the sandbox now filled with sand. LiLi looked at it and when she figured out what was in it, her face broke into a huge smile. We went out and played for about one hour in the sandbox. At first, she would only sit on the edge but eventually she got right in the sandbox and played contentedly except she did think that she needed shells to make it more like the beach. Nana, of course, supplied those shells last night and this morning we went out to the sandbox again where she entertained herself at least an hour playing in the sand and with the shells. I am waiting for her to just go right into the sand versus spending the first 15 minutes sitting on the side and getting comfortable with the idea of getting dirty.



LiLi often gets a hair trim when I am getting my haircut. Of course, she loves the attention of being in the salon. Her Dad brought her last time so, of course, he brought the camera and took pictures of the haircut.

Considering things seriously

Sitting still for her trim.

Checking it out

Growing Up

I found this picture on our point and shoot camera from about 1 year ago and looking at it, I realize how much she has grown up.
However, we do have this new conversation: I say “What happened to my baby?” and LiLi answers, “I gowed up.”


Here she is a couple of months ago when we went to visit our friend Teaghan shortly after she had had a safari birthday party. She no longer has that baby face.


LiLi got a ukulele from Aunt Christine et al for her birthday and she loves it. She takes it out of it case plays it for a while and then puts it back in. Sometimes she seems to love to just take it out and put it back in its case over and over. Other times, she loves to play and sing. She will get one of her chairs and plunk herself down on it and sing and strum. It is quite a site to see. She certainly seems to love music and it is so suprising when she picks up some words to songs that she has only heard one or two times. I love to watch her playing with it. Here is a picture of her playing her ukulele while sitting on Daddy’s lap.