Pictures, pictures, get your pictures here…..

I realize that only a few of you have been privy to the wonderful pictures of our daughter. So now without any further delay here’s our daughter.


And yes we think she’s beautiful. Notice the shoes, hopefully her feet won’t take after mine and grow into those shoes anytime soon.

Lili in chair Lili Mugshot

Yes she does look a little serious. She was 5 months old when these pictures were taken and she’ll be roughly 11 months old when finally get to hold her. The mugshot picture. All referrals from China come with three pictures – and one of them is the mugshot. Her’s is cute, so it’s obvious she doesn’t take after me. I’ll post more as stuff happens. -t

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  1. BethandJohn says:

    Lovely!! Same stroller, but how come your little one gets her own unique set of shoes? Ours seems to be sharing her little dragonfly shoes with 3-4 other little HengFeng babies.

    Can’t believe how similar our situations seem to be — awaiting our first child — little Cen Li Ning (most likely, but stiff waffling on the name: Annali Harris Quinn, nicknamed Li-Li, too!), a dusty old 1832 farmhouse that we’re whipping into baby-shape, our little four-legger, Grendel, who is going to be very surprised to find another pack member in the bed on occasion. Hmmm, I remember seeing A Clockwork Orange on a first date. And enough books to break the foundations — check.

    But that name selection is a tough one to come by: both the first and the answer to 2 last names and the hyphen dilemma. You mention Virginia, too — we’re a couple of UVa Wahoos hoping to move back to Charlottesville one of these days … it would be just too odd if we’ve got that history in common, too.

    I LOVE your nursery mural that’s so much more than a mural!

    We’re wishing you all the best on this wonderful adventure. Hey, maybe we’ll see you in Jiangxi — hoping for late Jan travel too!

  2. Thom says:

    Beth, I think we’ll see each other at the WHFC meeting on the 9th. Yes I was orignally from the Va – down near the coast, and although I like C-ville (wahoo-wah), I was always partial to the Hokies because of 4H and time spent in Blacksburg. I’m sure we’ll be getting out babies on gotcha day together so we’ll at least see each other in Nanchang.

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