The People’s Park

As I write tonight, Thom is still awake and Lili just fell asleep about 15 minutes ago.  Our baby is constantly evolving.  This morning was wonderful when Lili awoke and smiled when she saw me looking back at her.  She was definately a more interactive baby.  She ate a big breakfast again but does really enjoy being fed by chopsticks instead of a spoon and let me tell you that will not work with congee although suprisingly enough I have learned to use chopsticks for this egg custard thing the babies seem to like.  It kind of looks like flan but let me tell you the texture is on the nasty side.  I only tried it once and have not desired to eat it again.  Lili slept last night from 8:30 or so until 6:30am but then seems to want an hour long nap about 8:30am which works out quite well since we have been going out at about 10:00am.


Just before my morning nap

Today we headed out to the People’s Park.  This was a wonderful place with lots of families.  There is a beautiful park in one section with a couple of playgrounds, manmade lakes, pagodas and an area with kids rollerblading and adults and kids playing hitting tennis balls or badmitton cocks. In another section there is what appears to be an old amusement park where there are some rides, some carnival games.  People are out doing many things.  It was very nice today with temperatures in the 60s but needless to say we did get yelled at a couple of times for not having Lili in enough layers.  However, I did see a couple of children who had the chance to take off one layer when they were in the sunshine but that layer had to go back on in the shade,  Many people stopped and talked to us and asked us how old Lili was and most people think that she is about 6 months old and are surprised to learn that she is 10 months.  She is a peanut but my arms hurt enough with this new bundle that I cannot really imagine how I would be able to do it if she weighed more.  We met the cutest 6 year old who spoke english very well and seemed to enjoy trying it out on all of us.  At one point, I had a couple of people checking Lili’s layer count(not enough at 3) but also making sure she could breath ok in the baby bjorn.


  Lake at the park


Singing in the park


  Paint your own pottery in China


Boy in a few layers(and I mean a few)


Thom making himself dizzy


Lili and Mommy checking things out

After our trip to the park, we went to a local restaurant to try some of the spicy cuisine.  It was all quite delicious but best of all was the shrimp which was similar to salt-baked and the mushrooms which were slced flat and had a great earthy feeling.  After lunch, we headed back to the hotel where we all took a nap and then when Lili awoke she and Thom went out on the town because I was not feeling too well.  Thom will have to tell you about that tomorrow. 

Tonight our baby changed once again.  She did not eat much dinner but had eaten like a truck driver again for both breakfast and lunch. She also loved this rice cake which is a little bit sweet but not much.  Cindy, our local guide, told us that they call them shut-up cakes in China because when you give them to the babies they stop crying. However, although she did not eat much she started moving a lot more.  Now this could have been due to the prunes finally doing there job or because nighttime seems to be when she shows us a new aspect of her personality.  Most likely both things played a role.

After dinner, she had her first real bath with us.  Needless to say she did not like this very much.  She was pissed off already because she does not really like the way Daddy undresses her.  It is a funny site to watch.  The overalls seem to represent some kind of weird challenge to Thom and he has to undo the bottom of them and slip them off from the legs instead of over her head.  I’m not sure I understand how he does it.  Anyhow, she screamed for the whole bath.


My first bath and not my most favorite experience

After her bath, she seemed ready for bed so we read our book and put her down in her crib.  About 10 minutes later, we had a baby who was moving all over the crib and talking to herself. Thom and I found ourselves once more just staring at her and she knew how to keep our attention because whenever she realized we were looking, she would give us the biggest smile and sometimes a laugh. She did this for about 45 minutes and as much as I tried to not keep looking over at her because I knew it was keeping her up I could not help it because she would just give me a laugh and a smile.  She finally conked herself out just as I started to write the blog and even now I keep looking over at her and thinking how lucky we are.  She is a wonderful baby girl.  I again wonder what tomorrow will bring. Goodnight.

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  1. Heather and Pat says:

    I have put Thom’s shirtless pics up as my screensaver at work … oh, and I just got fired (that is a joke … actually both of those are jokes). You kids sound like you are having a lot of fun. I am sorry the bath didn’t go to well, but I will say Teaghan sat in stunned silence her first couple of baths, so it will probably improve.

    Well, have fun over there. We are thinking of you guys and checking in on you often. We can’t wait to meet Lili.

    Pat and Heather

  2. Freezing In Chicago says:

    Thom and Catherine –

    Lili is beautiful! We are incredibly happy for all three of you and can’t wait to meet the newest addition to your family.

    We love the blog — it’s our morning internet cup of coffee. Please keep the pictures coming. Also, we hear you are flying through our lovely metropolis on your way home to Rhode Island. Let us know if you think you’ll need an emergency supply of diapers, food, books, etc. — Stu & Carol

  3. cschomer says:

    I have been trying to get Josh to feed me with chopsticks for years. Sometimes I even hand him the chopsticks…but no luck. And I won’t turn my nose up at egg custard, either! Ah well. That Lili. She’ll teach me.

    Repetitive, I know, but…love the blog.


  4. Jeff says:

    Not to be redundant, but you have the most beautiful little girl! We cannot wait to meet her. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Lili will be proud of her parents when she sees this blog.


  5. Jeff says:

    Now we get payback for the singing school bus toy with the never ending battery. Lili how’s about a drum set!
    Love Jeff

  6. Patricia Ingmire-Richard says:

    Thom and Catherine,
    We have enjoyed reading all about Lili. See is so adorable. It’s fun reading about your amazing experience!! I truly hadn’t considered the different cultural attitudes with the way children are dressed. For total strangers to tell you how to dress your child. That’s something. Reading your story has been an education for me. I look forward to meeting Lili one day.
    Patricia from Virgina Beach

  7. LucyInRI says:

    Good Evening from RI:

    It’s still fricking cold here. We are warming ourselves by the fire gazing at the new pictures of Lili. And we only have two things to say about this:

    1) What were you thinking of taking her outside with ONLY three layers on??? That constitutes child abuse in China. Delighted to hear that the Bjorn is being inspected for safety etc. Lili is evolving not just in your travelogue, but in photos too. A beautiful and amazing child.

    2) We’re a little bummed about the photos of Thom today. He’s wearing clothes … :-( Please bring back our favorite pin up. The pictures from yesterday are really tiny. Some of us would like larger ones. Think wall size.

    Your friends,

    Lucy & Otter

  8. LucyInRI says:

    Oh! And don’t believe Pat when he tells you that Lili will start to love baths in a few days. He lies.

    It took Xan two years and a younger sister to shame her into gritting her teeth through bath time. Even today, given her druthers she would still opt to never, ever get washed again.


    Lucy and Stud Muffin

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