Books, Books, everywhere and so many must go

As we prepare the house for Lili, Catherine has pointed out that our house tilts to one side because of all our books. So as she prepares to give up her office for Lili’s room and officially become a gypsy inside her own home, it’s been pointed out that I have books in almost every room of the house and I might be able to get rid of one or two – thousand.

While I was initially skeptical I realized that no one really needs three copies of Burgess’ Clockwork Orange and I probably won’t be refering to my 1989 edition of Law and Mass Communications any time soon – and if I did it would be a bad decision. So book by book I’ve filled three boxes with stuff I haven’t looked at in years, despite having moved some of the books from Missouri to Virginia to Connecticut and then back to Virginia from there to North Carolina and onto Philadelphia then to Massachusetts and finally to Rhode Island. 7 states in only 9 years, making many of my books better traveled than some Rhode Islanders. I guess all people have addictions, mine just happens to take up space, costing both $$ and sweat to move. 

The main benefit of clearing out books is the extra space and reduced clutter of stacked books everywhere. The side benefits include a strange freedom and lightness of spirit – which could just be all the dust causing hallucinations – and a realization that our daughter will be here shortly and she needs her space, for her stuff. Hopefully I won’t infect her with the pack rat compulsions handed down to me by my parents, I can only hope nature overwhelms nurture on this one.

Photos are coming soon because I realize that the blog is a little text heavy and could use a graphic or two to create some white space and hold the reader’s interest. Sorry about that I was channeling journalism school for second…. good night. -t

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    Having your books all over the house helps to keep the balance of the house!

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