The Nursery Prep begins

After days of furious cleaning, boxing up unwanted books for donation to the library, and slaying numerous “dust dragons” (the older, more vicious, and surprisingly hard-to-kill relatives of dust bunnies), Catherine’s former office is about to be transformed into Lili’s nursery. This was her office, now Lili’s room.



After days of frantic scrambling we finally got the room ready to paint. For this task we’ve brought in our friend, and artist, Saralee. That’s her with the brush.

Saralee Room

Over the next three days she’ll be painting, and we’ll be helping and hopefully not hindering, a mural on all 4 walls of Lili’s room. The exact scenes aren’t finalized yet but there is wildlife, Bamboo, possibly some mountains, and of course no nursery is complete without a naked mole rat. (too complicated to explain)

Link to a webcam at the naked Mole Rat exhibit from the Knoxville Zoo

Stay Tuned more pictures will be coming.