What happens when you mix a power sander and a philosophy major?

Dust and lots of it. More than you can imagine. Yes, that’s me in the center of the picture doing my best Jesse James impression… And no it’s not a black and white picture, there was just that much dust.



Of all the bad decorating decisions in the history of the world, the one we currently dislike the most is the textured ceiling trend. At some point in the history of our house a textured ceiling was installed in Lili’s room. Ceilings are normally nice and high and we usually don’t pay too much attention to them but the problem with this one is that it was cracking and chipping.

Let’s see young baby, chipping paint, 100-year-old house – even Homer Simpson knows that is not a good combination. So I chipped, and chipped, and when my arms were too heavy to lift, chipped some more. After successfully getting about 40% of the ceiling scraped clean, I began the sanding process, first with a hand-sander and then with the palm sander. When I was done sanding, the room was a giant cloud of dust. 


It’s a little anti-climatic on the blog, but as surfers the world over say  “you should have been here this morning….”

More pictures will be posted shortly.