Guangzhou Zoo

Today was a busy day for our Lili and she did amazingly well considering it was not her best night (or mine). She has gotten her Dad’s(and now my cold) and she hacked and coughed for about 3-4 hours last night.  The room is really dry and I don’t think that helped matters and I spent the time trying to figure out the best way to keep her head elevated. We finally found a solution that made both of us feel better but she did awaken at her normal 6:30 and Thom took over giving her her bottle and then taking her out on a walk so I could sleep longer.  Here are some pictures from their walk.  Thom will have to fill in more details. 


One type of morning constitution

 A different type


Morning commutes in Guangzhou city


 View of Guangzhou from the bridge

Shamian Island is an interesting place in the morning.  Everyone is out doing their morning constitutionals and it is very fun to walk around and see people in their normal daily routines versus trying to sell us something. Don’t get me wrong, however, people do still try to sell you something if they are a shop keeper.  They seem to have all different kinds of group “aerobics” going on in the street.  Thom even heard the older people doing their exercises to “Like a Prayer” by Madonna complete with 70 year olds doing pelvic thrusts, or at least that is what Thom tells me.

After Lili’s morning nap, we headed out to the zoo.  Originally, we were going to try the metro because it is supposed to be much faster than the driving.  Of course, just about everything is faster than the driving and if you want to find cities with roads that seem to circle about endlessly, China is the place to come.  They have taken the Massachusets rotary and made it a spiral stairway.  Lili, however, was not feeling to well and since we were unsure exactly where the metro was and how far from the zoo we ended up, we decided to take a cab.  I had found a restaurant in the Rough Guide(which is only 1.5 years old) that specialized in soups from Jiangxi Province and was near the zoo, so that sounded good for lunch.  Our cab driver could not find it so he got out to ask the doorman of a hotel and after they both looked blank about the name that the hotel had written down for us, we concluded, correctly, that it no longer existed. The doorman indicated that Thom could go into the hotel and ask and he came out with the brother of the owner, who was named Robert and spoke excellent english and took us down the street to a restaurant and then offered to order for us and we invited him to eat with us.  Once again Lili was a hit.  She loves to eat and gets this huge smile on her face while eating and totally plays the crowd.  The food was fabulous and we tried some new things including a pork that is almost like peking duck.  Lili and I both thought that and the dumplings were the best dishes although I also thought the greens were quite good.  I think Lili found them a bit to bitter for her infant taste buds but she is definetely a girl that does not like plain food.  We tried giving her white rice the other night because it was really the only thing she could eat that we got and she would only eat it after we poured a sauce over it.


Thom and Robert outside the restaurant

Robert then pointed us to the zoo which was a short walk away.  We are sure that our friends Kim, Ben, Teagan and Kaelan will appreciate the fact that we found a zoo they have never gone to and we have taken Lili to her first zoo at the age of 10 months. Maybe we will be able to match their zoo count when she is as old as they are but I doubt it.  We enjoyed the zoo although we sometimes felt like a walking exhibit. We went up behind the ostrich exhibit and this couple wanted to have their picture taken with us.  First he took the picture of her standing with us then she took the picture of him with us.  It was quite funny.  At another point, we stopped to have our picture taken at the plastic chickens and the next thing Thom knew Lili and I were surrounded.  At the dinosaur exhibit, when we finished having our picture taken people flocked over to the dinosaur that we had been sitting on.

lili-day-12-jpg071.jpg  lili-day-12-jpg115.jpg

Posing in front of the plastic On the triceratops


As Thom says the zoo has a feel similar to what a zoo might have been like in the US in the 70s with small exhibits and a lot of cages, but clean with some interactive exhibits. Of course, it also had some weird things like the Pekinese in the children’s zoo but I guess dogs have not been common in China as pets until recently. 

lili-day-12-jpg075.jpg  lili-day-12-jpg067.jpg  lili-day-12-jpg074.jpg

Ostrich with personality Toucan  Crane like on Lili’s wall

lili-day-12-jpg063.jpg  lili-day-12-jpg083.jpg  lili-day-12-jpg110.jpg

Flamingos standing and nesting  Pelican  Dog at zoo


Thom’s favorite part was when he had the chance to go and feed the Macaque monkeys. The zookeeper even showed Thom what to do to get the monkey to climb onto his arm for the food. Could he look more thrilled?


Thom feeding the monkey

Tomorrow, I think we will hang out around the island and the area just over the bridge and get some packing done.  We need another suitcase which is not surprising although I am pretty sure that Thom will still end up with about 9 carry-ons.  Since we are not travelling with the group, we are willing to go over the weight limit which will not be hard since Lili does not count as a person with luggage yet and I am sure that there will be most of a suitcase for her.


My big smile attracts a crowd as I get my picture taken. -c


This is what I look like at dinner after I’m full and happy, before I melt down from being tired. I’m also learning how to model for daddy. Apparently he wants me to hold still for a complete second so the picture won’t be blurry. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I’m trying the best I can. I don’t know why but he keeps pointing this big black thing at me. I wonder if he’ll stop anytime soon…. -L

7 comments on “Guangzhou Zoo

  1. paintgirl says:

    Hola guys! I am about to leave mi casa and I had to double check- from earlier this morning…. Awesome picutres!!- Catherine, you and your daughter look so great together- the chickens look good too! Really though, you both look so happy together (and Thom looks happy with the monkey). Good luck with packing!
    muchos abrazos y abesos!

  2. cschomer says:

    I hope Thom washed his hands after touching that monkey. Ick!


  3. Otter says:

    Thom, your monkey adventure perfectly illustrates why you are a suave world traveller and I am not. You go to a zoo in a foreign city, see an opportunity to have a monkey climb all over you and think, “Great, I must try that!” In the same situation, I think, “If I let that monkey climb on me it will undoubtedly take a crap on my shirt and I will spend the rest of a very unhappy day smelling like monkey poop.” In you bold, adventurous life you take the risks and still come out smelling like a rose — and with far more interesting pictures than I managed to get in my cautious forays beyond the White Swan.

    Catherine, I’m sure you were given the same cautious lectures we were that it can sometimes take weeks or months for new parents to bond with their adopted child. In your case (and Thom’s) it seems to have taken about 45 seconds. And on the evidence of your posts and pictures, it seems to have taken about the same length of time for Lili to bond right back. From the first pictures, the three of you looked like a family: inevitable; inseparable. We can hardly wait for you to come home, except that your reporting has been so compelling that we know we will miss our morning update from China. Perhaps you could just keep the blog going, and report on Providence as if it were an exotic foreign city (“Here is Thom attempting to communicate with a ‘hotdog vendor’ at a place called ‘McCoy Stadium.’ As you can see, even in far-off Pawtucket they have what the local people call ‘basebwall'”).

  4. paintgirl says:

    I do not know Otter, but I really like his idea. I will second the nomination for blogging from Providence!

  5. bjgroom says:

    you’ve got a book here, you know….one you can’t put down!
    b and m

  6. Anne says:

    I’m so glad you adopted a child who likes to eat. She looks so happy in the picture right after dinner. I hope the flight home goes as well as it can. Can’t wait to talk to you!

  7. rnathan says:

    I am so jealous of you getting to play with that monkey. I have always wanted a monkey. Asher will have to do, for now.

    We just got back last night from St. Barts and instead of reading my 73 e-mail messages we have been catching up on the adventures of Lili. Great story so far, and there are many years to come.

    Might want to try a shower with Lili instead of the bath. She may dig that more. Little kids sure are slippery though…

    Rob, Pata and Asher

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