Last Day in Guangzhou

Well this is it.  We are essentially packed with one less carry on than we had coming from Nachang.  Of course, we have decided to ignore the weight limit and just pay the fine on our packed luggage.  Have not even weighed the bags.  It is quite different packing everything for the multiple days for Lili versus coming to Guangzhou where we only packed for that plane ride.  Although I know that my baby will eat almost anything(still can’t get her to like banana), we don’t know what will be available or when so that made packing a little more of a challenge and then we always have Thom who travels with multiple carry-ons to begin with.  I must say that this trip has built up my arm muscles what with lugging around a 7kg baby and then all our “stuff.”  I weighed Lili today on the scale and I think she has gained about 1/2 a kilo or about 1 pound since we first weighed her.  Thom made some big deal about the scale not being zeroed out and it not being the same scale, etc, etc but I am going with her gaining the weight.  She certainly feels heavier.

How do I feel about leaving?  I am not like most people who seem to be dying to get home.  Of course, I really cannot think of a trip I wanted to leave all that badly.  Going back to reality will be tough.  Here I live in a little world where all we have to do is focus on Lili and that has been great.  No cooking, no cleaning (although neither of us is great at that), no laundry, etc.  We have loved China and the people we have met both Chinese and American.  We have enjoyed eating.  Today we went to a great little place on the island and had some fantastic food.  We seemed to be the only westerners there and we do live for that.  We have learned a lot about the country although I feel that it is a drop in the bucket and I anxiously await the day that we can all come back as a family and travel around and see even more of China.  All in all, Thom and I have really enjoyed everything that we have experienced the best thing, of course, being getting Lili.

On the other side of things, we look forward to getting home and showing off our wonderful baby girl.  She has such an addictive smile and when she is in a good mood, there is not a happier baby in the world and we have to admit that she is in a good mood a lot of the time.  It will also be nice to have her have some scheduling because things have been a little hectic in terms of scheduling here. I would like to know for instance if she could take a longer than 45 minute afternoon nap.

Today was a relaxing day for us in a way.  We spent the day just hanging out on the island.  Thom went into a flurry of last minute shopping.  By the way, never let Thom tell you he does not like to shop.  He loves it especially if it is for himself.  To be honest, he usually buys something for you or someone else while buying for himself.  Lili had a tough day.  She had 2 big crying jags sounding like she was in pain which, of course, led to Mom breaking down and checking her ears which led to even more crying.  No ear infection.  I think it might just be teething but she was so upset this afternoon she actually cried herself to sleep.  I have to admit it was heartbreaking because there was little to do to comfort her.  However, after her evening nap, she was in a good mood and ate her usual large dinner with a big smile on her face.  She learned today how to put something large into her mouth if she is holding it in her hand and was quite proud of herself for doing it.  She actually took a bite of the shut up cookie with her new top teeth nubs, which have not fully come in yet.  Of course, if she has the cookie hidden in the hand she does not know how to get at it.  She went to bed tonight with her usual crib aerobics and is sleeping soundly for now.  We’ll see what comes of tomorrow. -c

Once again I can’t defend myself because I was out foraging for dinner. We tried to get dim sum to go, specifically dumplings but we had no luck so I defaulted to Thai food once again. Safe and tasty. Here are today’s photos along with some mental aerobics.  


The taxi rides should be packaged and marketed by Six Flags. Here you see more contestants of Human Frogger, count how many people you can see.


Count and identify the types of food on a stick.


While trying to find a cab to get back to the hotel I ran across this beautiful little temple. A nice quiet respite from the absolute chaos which passes for normal city life in Guangzhou. Count the number of Buddhas.

And here are the pictures you are actually waiting for.


Lili meets Tigger and makes a new friend.

LiliFoodVictory  liliFoodeating

Hey what do I do with Teeth? Victory over the shut up cookie, you can just see her top two tooth nubs. (if that’s the correct term)

We might post tomorrow night, otherwise the blog will have to wait until the jet lag wear’s off. -t

3 comments on “Last Day in Guangzhou

  1. Otter says:

    I have been waiting all morning for the daily Guangzhou report. Now I must confront the sad fact that this is probably the penultimate report of your journey. I am left to hope that you miss your plane!.

    Please take a photograph of your return-trip luggage, perhaps with Lili next to the mountain of suitcases in order to give a sense of scale. Lucy will be scandalized. She prided herself on our traveling light. On our first trip she would point to the multiple suitcases of our companions and say in a stage whisper loud enough to be heard by the objects of her censure, “They look like they’re moving to China!”

    Speaking of photographs, I am assuming that you have posted only the tiniest fraction of the pictures you have taken. I encourage Thom to put together a digital slide show when he returns. I love looking at travel pictures; and Lucy tolerates them pretty well, if you ply her with enough wine.

    Figure at least a week to recover fully from China-trip jetlag. Lili will likely have problems adjusting, which will (surprise, surprise) delay your readjustment to EST. So call us when you are ready. We won’t call you.

    P.S. Xan reports that her tummy is hurting, so she would like me not to give her any food until after lunch. I suppose if “lunch” is a time, not a meal that sort of makes sense . . .

  2. bschomer says:

    Bring that baby home! And please, for the sake of all Lili’s adoring fans enter out of your jet lag induced sleep and just post pictures of Lili in her beautiful new room. I could look at that little girl for hours. We can’t wait to hear all about your family adventures in China.

    Love Auntie Brett & Uncle Jay

  3. Gram says:

    May your travels home seem short and sleep comes easily and for long periods on the plane for Lili. Hopefully she’ll enjoy all the food you’ll receive on the trip home and just be filled with smiles. We are most anxious to see and give big hugs to all of you.

    Your daily entries will be missed. However, we do look forward to you continuing to share pictures and dialogues of your weekly activities with us. Thank you for sharing your trip–it was fantastic to be able to see you as a family get to know each other and truly bond. I’m so happy your trip is filled with wonderful stories, pictures, and everlasting memories. Love Gram

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