Groundhog day in real life

The sleep saga, or lack thereof continues. I’m not sure where Jet lag ends and sheer lack of sleep begins. Lili is not transitioning well. She goes down for a a few hours and then pops up crying inconsolably a few hours later. Last night however we were prepared – comfortable pillows and comforter on the floor in her room so the other parent could sleep a bit. She’s such a happy baby normally, but like her mother (and father I’m told),she can be more than a little cranky when she’s not getting enough sleep.

We awoke yesterday morning to signs in the neighbors windows of “Free Lili” and “Where’s Lili” expressing their displeasure at being denied visits with Lili. We called them and Lili waved through the windows (all of six feet away) which seemed to placate them because the signs came down shortly thereafter. Hopefully the busy schedules next door can mesh with Lili’s (and our’s) sleep schedule this weekend.

We appreciate everyone’s phone calls and I apologize if I don’t seem especially forthcoming over the phone. I know everyone wants tons of details and blow-by-blow descriptions of every second of the day including poop details  (okay, I’m not even sure if the grandmother’s want those details although they are interesting) and doctor’s vists. As we come up for air and eventually transition to eastern time, I’m sure those things will be forthcoming. For now the blog will have to suffice along with a few minutes by phone. Pictures will come, I promise. I have a few good ones from our tramuatization of our daughter – we gave her a bath and she still isn’t a big fan. Otherwise we are trying to find a rhythm that works for everyone. Lili seemed to like her morning and afternoon constitutionals in china, but the weather hasn’t been very cooperative since arriving home, so hopefully we can venture out for a walk today. We do miss the 75 degree weather in Ghuangzhou as I look out over the treacherous ice fields called sidewalks. Enough for now. Schoolwork calls. Ciao, -t

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  1. bschomer says:

    Maybe she is afraid of naked mole rats wearing suspenders?
    I guess you didn’t see the sign I put in my window, “Montana wants Lili”. I am so envious of those Pleasants.

    Lucy and Otter you are the type of friends everyone should have. Your comments are amazingly supportive and I would assume infinitely helpful, and I don’t even have kids.

    Good luck we love you

  2. paintgirl says:

    I am sending you good vibes, sleep vibes, quiet, happy vibes- any and all helpful vibes! I know you are exhausted and I really appreciate your contact through the blog. Give Catherine and Lili my love- I reccomend the Gipsy Kings to fire you up for school! he he he!
    much love-

  3. Gram says:

    Sorry to hear the tough times ya’ll are having with sleep or lack thereof. It will get better–please don’t get discouraged or start to believe you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again. Your jetlag and days-to-nights and nights-to-days reminds me of what most new parents experience when bringing home a new baby. It really will get better and know this is just a temporary transition period. Lili has so many new smells, sounds, and sights to take in and she may be trying to assimulate everything at once which can be confusing and stressful. She could also be missing her ‘chest perch'(on her walkabouts) and the closeness she had when all of you were sleeping in one room for the pass few weeks. We’re thinking positive sleep thoughts for Lili and her Mom & Dad !! Love, Gram

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