It’s hard to resist taking pictures

As we settle into some routines, we are finally able to sit back and watch the most compelling show we’ve ever seen.

We no longer need alarm clocks to see the morning sun because our dear daughter gets us up between 6:30 and 7 just about every day. We had a few blissful days of sleeping in to 7:30 just after the time change but somehow she reset her clock to be up with the sun. We take turns deciding who gets (has) to get out of bed and start the morning routine. After making coffee and giving Li Li a small bottle she becomes quite happy.

morning smiles 1

Morning Playtime 2

Just after lunch we noticed all of the crocuses I had planted bloomed all at once. So we took Li Li out to enjoy her first flowers since the weather was so warm.

Li Li flowers

Li Li enjoyed touching them althought she really wasn’t sure what they were. Just a few hours later the squirrel hooligans came and cut down almost every single crocus. We may establish open season soon on the squirrels if they keep cutting down, but not eating the crocuses.

flower squirrel

Li Li does something new each day that we marvel at. Lately we’ve been enjoying the late afternoon sunshine beaming in on her her chairs after she wakes up from her afternoon nap.

Li Sun1

“Sidelight makes me look especially cute…Even when I have banana on my lips..”


“hmmm, what’s this….”


“So these things go into my mouth pretty well…”


“I like food, it’s tasty and it makes me happy”

That’s all for now. -t

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  1. James Kerin Leah says:

    Hi Guys

    Great photography! You have a perfect subject to work with ~ LiLi is just too cute. Keep them coming…when you have the time of course :o)

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