Aunt Brett’s creations

Well, I have not blogged since returning from China. LiLi is blossoming more and more every day. She has learned to combat crawl and sometime to crawl on all fours, pull to a stand, cruise on furniture and is beginning to let go when standing and seeing how long she can stand without support. It is so much fun to watch her. She is also babbling up a storm and repeating sounds although no specific words as of yet.



I have been meaning to make this blog entry since April as a thank you to Aunt Brett for all the creations she has made for us. Actually, I have called her on numerous occassions with ideas and the response has been quick. LiLi needed some hair clips and then we had them in a couple of days. Of course, all she does now is let you put them in her hair and then she immediately pullls them out again(along with some hair) and smilingly hands it back to you. I do not have the attention span to keep putting them back into her hair so most of the time she is not wearing a clip. Many of Aunt Brett’s other creations, we use often and even daily like her quilt and her diaper bag or wear frequently like the onsies with the frog and the turtle and the shirt with the pear. Therefore, as a thank you to her Aunt, we took LiLi and all of her Aunt Brett’s creations and took some pictures of her with them. Aunt Brett’s website is the lime llama link.












Thank you Aunt Brett!!!!