Pictures, trains and automobiles

Sara Lee finished the room yesterday in time for leisurely brunch of chiles relleno and raisin biscuits. After which she posed for the obligatory photo holding a photo of Lili.

Sara Lee and Lili

Unlike Catherine and myself, Sara Lee likes to be at the train station 20-30 minutes before departure to ensure there are no problems, which was a good thing because a schedule reading mishap meant Sara Lee’s planned 2:55 train actually departed at 2:25. The combination of Sara Lee’s caution, my “opportunistic driving” and Amtrak’s inability to depart on time, helped Sara Lee make her train back to New York leaving us with what we think is the coolest baby’s room ever.

Monkees TreeBirdRugby

These are only some of the animals. The Monkeys reside in the bamboo in the book nook, and the huge bird wearing a rugby jersey is protecting the door from poachers….

More pictures will be posted tomorrow. -t


4 comments on “Pictures, trains and automobiles

  1. raem77 says:

    The room is absolutely beautiful!!!! Amazing work!!!

  2. cschomer says:

    It goes without saying…and yet it must be said…greatest children’s room mural…of all time?

    I think so!

    Great job, Saralee.

  3. paintgirl says:

    Thank you- I had a good time doing it and it is filled with good energy for LiLi to enjoy!

  4. Gram says:

    A great mural for imagination and fun times. Lili will soon have names for all of her new ‘roommates’! Thank you SaraLee for such a warm and welcoming room for Lili.

    Where are the ‘rest’ of the mural pictures?

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