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For those of you who were unaware, Missouri lost the big 12 championship but was still selected to go to the Cotton Bowl. You can watch them on New Year’s Day, I know we will be watching them.

Bundled baby

Recently while Catherine was out studying for her boards, I bundled Li Li up to go to the playground. This level of bundling would have passed the Chinese grandmother test because Li LI must have had 5 or 6 layers of clothes on including her hat and mittens.

Li Li absolutely loves the playground especially swinging. Even though it was about 25 degrees with a bitter 20-mph wind, Li Li kept asking for more using her sign language. She is not happy merely swinging back and forth a few feet. She wants big swings and she wants them often.

Swing Space

Of course I give them to her because they make her so darn happy. How can you resist a smile like this?

Li Li Laugh Swing

While I was pushing Li Li at her beck and call I was also playing with Maggie in the park since no other parents were crazy enough to be outside on such a cold, blustery day. I would push Li Li several times and then toss a stick for Maggie. I must have repeated that particular sequence of motions about 30 times before I realized that one of the three of us had to be a responsible adult – and Li Li isn’t quite ready to take on that role. Finally it was probably time to go back home and warm up.

Of course one more picture was required.

Maggie and Li Li Slide

Li Li decided to climb on some equipment and Maggie promptly joined her. Li Li was able to climb up the equipment to the top of the slide and then slide down all by herself. I was poised to catch her if needed but as unsteady on her feet as she is sometimes, she was able to climb and slide without any issue- even with a 65 lb dog nudging her periodically. I figure eventually she’ll be so used to being bumped by a big dog that she’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the field hockey field or Soccer pitch.
We’ll see where her interests take her. That’s all for now. -t