Visit with Uncle Jay and Aunt Brett

Uncle Jay and Aunt Brett came to visit over the Thanksgiving week and LiLi had a lot of fun with both of them. Of course, Aunt Brett had made her a new shirt to go under a pair of real overalls and in which she looked quite cute. Aunt Brett also spent the whole week laughing at everything she did just like LiLi’s Nana so, of course, LiLi just hammed it up some more. By the end of the week, she was on such a high from being laughed at and adored that it took her a good week to realize that that was not always the way it is. Sometimes she does have to be told no and of course, her Mom seems to be the one that falls upon. Uncle Jay and LiLi took a little more time to get comfortable with each other. LiLi was actually scared of him at first but I think it may just be the beard. After a day or so she learned that he was an easy touch if you wanted to have a book or 3 or 4 read to you and since that is LiLi’s favorite activity, she and Uncle Jay spent a lot of time reading. They spent so much time reading that when I was talking to Uncle Jay a week or so ago and put him on speaker phone, LiLi immediately made the sign for book and kept on doing it insistently. Uncle Jay has promised to read her a book the next time we talk with him.