LiLi has spent the last couple of weeks visiting with her cousins. First her cousins from Brooklyn Lila and Clare came to stay with Nana and Poppie and LiLi enjoyed going over there to play with Lila. Her only real reference to Clare is saying baby.

LiLi, Clare and Lila

Last weekend we went down to visit Thom’s sister Becky, Uncle Mike, cousin Emily and Gram. LiLi had a lot of fun playing with cousin Emily. We went to the park and fed the ducks which are so tame that a lot of them will eat out of your hands. LiLi touched one duck but would not let them eat out of her hand. She then enjoyed swinging with Emily.
The next day we went to the zoo. It was a great zoo and the animals were very active. LiLi got to see the lion roar and the alpha male monkey try to attack the window of the observatory. That gave her a delayed scare. She was fine when it happened and then about 5 minutes later started to cry and wanted to move away but then about 5 minutes later she wanted to go back and see the monkeys again with Daddy. The whole trip was a lot of fun and LiLi enjoyed herself a lot.
LiLi also remains a great traveler. She was fabulous on the plane both ways even though both times she was tired. On the way there, we flew during bedtime and on the way back during her nap. Stickers worked very well at keeping her occupied. By the time we landed at Logan, LiLi had covered her whole face with snowmen stickers and she was a very happy child who thought she looked quite spectacular and kept feeling to make sure that the sticker was still on her nose.

LiLi, Emily and Uncle Mike

LiLi and Emily at the zoo