LiLi has some obsessions as I have mentioned before and one of them is snowmen. She loves the song “Frosty the Snowman” and her Nana has a book of the song and a little snowman bell that she can hold when the story is read to her. She calls them Thumper which comes from “Thumety, Thump, Thump look at Frosty go….” Anyhow, as you can imagine, she now has quite a few snowmen and she loves to point them out to you and give them hugs. Actually, she insisted on giving a snow globe with snowmen in it a hug yesterday. Sometimes when she see them she gets so excited that she almost cries and needs her lamby for comfort.
Last week it snowed. We came home on Monday night and I let LiLi out of the car and was getting the bags out while she stared across the street. Then I heard her same “Thumper” in this awed voice and then in an excited voice and then ask for her lamby because she was so excited, she was near tears. Sure enough, across the street someone had built a snowman. She was so thrilled that she wanted to go over and give it a hug. To make things even better, she could see him out the window of the house while she ate. Poppie came over for dinner that night and she kept pointing “Thumper” out to him. The next morning, she did not know whether to look at the bird feeder or the snowman(as the bird feeder did not have food in it, the snowman was a better bet).
On Tuesday morning, we walked across the street to look at “Thumper.” I am guessing that he was built by college students since his eyes and mouth were made from beer caps. She had her Nana take her over that night, too. Well, Wednesday morning, we again strolled over to the snowman and now he had very large male genitalia so we could not get too close. Then his facial expression changed later in the week to an “Oh” versus the original smile. Unfortunately, to all of our disappointments, he has now melted. The advantage of having a child whose favorite song is Frosty is that you can just tell her that he will be back again someday.

Unrelated picture except that we have to build snowmen with the playdoh