We Have Flights and Dates

After making a nuisance of myself asking my adoption agency almost daily, “are they here yet?”. They of course being the Travel Approval notices, which finally arrived this morning. This means we get to go to China, quickly.

We leave Boston Jan 24th at 6:20 am and arrive in Beijing Jan 25th at 9:20 pm. Yes that’s a long day of travel, but we’ll have our Ipods fully charged, fresh DVDs for the computer and three pictures of our daughter to sustain us.

We spend a few days in Beijing and fly onto to Nanchang, Jiangxi province where we finally get to shower Lili with love, hugs and kisses, and maybe take a picture or two.

After spending a few days getting acquainted with each other, we fly to Guangzhou where we’ll stay at the famous White Swan Hotel for a week before returning to Beijing on the 11th for one more night before flying home the next morning. Another long day with a long layover in Tokyo, hopefully Lili will like airports and airplanes. We land in Boston Feb 12th at 8:35 pm.

Still no furniture for the room but we are working on it. More later on today’s travel meeting. -t