We had a group birthday party last weekend with everyone in playgroup including moms and dads. Everyone has a birthday between December and March except one and since her birthday is in August, her half birthday falls perfectly into this time period. It was a group who seemed to like to party. By the time everyone left, LiLi could barely function and I believe fell asleep before I had actually laid her down in her crib. Of course, that did not stop her from getting up at 6 the next morning in quite a good mood but very tired. LiLi demonstrates her true enjoyment of cake below. She seems to have a sweet tooth that is rapidly developing. A great result of the party was that LiLi has now begun to play with her toys more after watching everyone else play with them. One of her friends did laps around the house with the shopping cart and it has inspired LiLi to do so although she keeps putting things in it that fall out.