Visit to Great Grandma part 2

On Saturday, we went with Aunt Gail to the Toy House as a special treat to get LiLi a present. This is a great toy store that Grandma used to take me to when I visited her. It was the special treat of any visit. Well, that was true for LiLi also. The store has some great and unusual toys. First, LiLi went to the Easter toy shelf where there were some ducks wearing little hats. One had a rainhat, another a sunhat and another an old fashioned nursing hat. LiLi proceeded to try all of these on herself. Since the ducks heads where much smaller than hers this was quite a site. Then she tried to sit on the big stuffed animals that could be found throughout the store. Then she found the train table which she must have played with for at least 15 minutes quite happily. In the end, LiLi went home with a Thomas train(after her father), a James train(after her Poppie) and a Chinese dragon train(after her heritage) and some stringing beads. These toys she continues to enjoy a lot insisting that she play with them many times a day. LiLi seemed to have the same memorable experience at the Toy House with her Aunt Gail as I used to have with my Grandma.

Stringing beads

Saturday was a very full day. After our visit to the Toy House, we went over to Grandma’s nursing home to see my cousins and their children who live in the area. LiLi had a great time meeting everyone and the kids were all so good with her. She enjoyed herself from sitting at the children’s table to being read to by older cousins. It was great to see everyone and LiLi and I had a wonderful time.

LiLi eating with the “big kids”

Sitting with Aunt Carol

Leading everyone to go to look at the birds

With cousin Jason

With cousins Camille, Julia and Christian

Grandma with her 3 oldest sons – Poppie, Uncle Bill and Uncle Jack

More to come, tomorrow…..