Hand me down cribs are wonderful things

After struggling to find the “perfect” crib for our daughter, and it was a struggle. The one we liked the most actually won’t be available until mid-March and Lili is too big to sleep in a dresser drawer like some of our friends did when they were little. We saw a lot of cribs but they just didn’t say ” buy me, buy me now!!”. So our friend Jessica gave us her old crib, which she used for her two children, and which was given to her by a family who used it for their three children. So Lili will be the sixth child to make use of this crib.


Lili Crib


As wonderful as the crib is, it came with no directions, but hey Catherine is a pediatrician and I’m a consulting engineer we should be able to figure it out…..2 hours later after some shouting and occasional screaming, Catherine finally figured out how the thing was supposed to work and we now have a crib in place.

Now if we could only figure out which changing table we want and where to find prune juice in a juice box…. -t

A – 10 days; L – 15 days