Visit to Great Grandma part 3

Well, Saturday night we hung out with Uncle Jack and Aunt Gail. Aunt Gail and LiLi spent a delightful time making each other laugh.

Making faces with Aunt Gail

More faces

LiLi once again went to bed exhausted. It is hard to want to entertain everyone all day long even when you enjoy it and that is certainly what LiLi did all day long.
Sunday morning, we went out to breakfast with Aunt Gail and Uncle Jack and then went for one more visit to Grandma to say goodbye and to pick up our special Raggety Ann that Grandma had gotten for LiLi. We, of course, had to go and visit the fish, rabbit and birds. LiLi and Grandma spent a nice time watching the birds and reading her animal book. LiLi also enjoyed riding along on Grandma’s wheelchair once again the center of attention.

Grandma and LiLi

Pointing out the lionfish in her book and also in the fish tank

Grandma, LiLi and me

Grandma, LiLi and Poppie

We had a lovely visit with Grandma.