LiLi made one of those developmental jumps today that seem to occur overnight. This morning we were eating breakfast and she said something to me. I did not understand it and asked her to repeat it two more times thinking that I would never know what she was trying to say. On the third repetition, I realized that she had said “Daddy is in Russia.” (and he is). I was stunned that she had actually said that as a sentence and that she could also bring it up to me. Also, something about her whole demeanor just seemed older today.
Anyhow, below are a couple of pictures that I took tonight. I was trying the sunglasses on her face to see if they still fit. She then wanted to keep them on which was a change from last year when I would try to put them on her face and she would immediately pull them off. Then she went and got her chef’s hat to add to the whole “look.” As you can tell, she is quite proud of herself.