Story Time

LiLi has begun to tell stories. Ok, in all honesty, she says a few words or phrases that have to do with something we have seen or done and I fill in the rest. They are predominately about the zoo and we have to repeat them about 40 times a day.
Her favorite story is how we saw the penguins get fed one morning at the zoo. She say “Auh, Auh”(our sound for a penguin) and then makes a throwing motion and then says Cormorant which is the bird with the penguins who had the fish thrown to him. A few times she throws in the word fish, too.
Then there is the story from florida which consists of “Snap” “birds” “fishies.” The alligator in florida had the birds hanging out around him and then he would move around and the birds would get some fishes and eat them.
“Elephant” and “Shower” tells you about the elephant at the zoo who we saw being washed the other day. It was very hard to get LiLi to leave the elephant enclosure that day.
We also like to review the Jungle book either talking about the fight between Balou and the tiger and then Balou being hurt and Moguli crying and then Balou getting better. She is very earnest while she is telling this story.

LiLi in the rain with her Elmo umbrella