An Update – – – – – – – – Finally…….

Ok, we have been really bad over the summer at updating this blog. I got very behind on pictures and therefore did not have any pictures to put up. However, we hope to have more time now since Thom has finished business school and so we have some more time.
LiLi has, of course, been blossoming. She has become quite a talker. Of course, like most 2.5 year olds a lot of it consists of telling you what you already know(over and over again) like “This is Mommy’s car,” “That is Maggie,” “Where moon go?” These are three of her favorites and I hear them about 40 times a day. And you cannot just say “uh huh.” You have to repeat the phrase back to her at least once. She continues to learn Chinese at her babysitters. She appears to understand what is said to her and speaks back to them in Chinese for the most part but switches to English the minute I appear. However, she does occaisonally use Chinese words at home, too.
So to start the new update, we need to go back to June when we went to Nantucket. LiLi loved it because she seems to truly love the beach and has little fear of the water which is quite weird since she still gets very upset when she gets her hair washed. However, give her some ocean and she wants to go running in after being on the beach about 5 minutes. There was a pond that was perfect for the girls since it had no waves and was relatively shallow.

Lila and Nana on the beach

LiLi on the beach

LiLi on the porch


Lila and LiLi tired out or waking up. It all looks the same.

Walking to the beach


Nana and Clare

Swimming with Daddy

I can dig up this whole beach and maybe I’ll find a crab