Chicago in September

LiLi and I finally went to Chicago to visit our friends and meet people she had not had the chance to meet yet. We went out for Aunt Anne and Anna P’s birthday party on the boat. LiLi talked about nothing for a week but going on a boat. Unfortunately, it ended up being the weekend in which Chicago had the most rain in 24 hours ever. So LiLi never got to go on the sailboat but she seemed to forget about the boat in the midst of so much partying. She was so tired after the weekend that when she finally fell asleep on the flight home she mananged to stay asleep being transfered on the plane from her car seat to the airplane seats then being carried off the plane and placed in her stroller then being transferred back to her car seat once I got it into the car and then being changed into her pajamas and then into bed. She did not wake that whole time. We can usually transfer her at night into bed from the car but this was truly amazing. So despite the rain we had a wonderful time. Everytime LiLi now sees a plane now and you ask her where it is going she answers “Chicago.”

Playing with Ruthie. LiLi and Ruthie had a good time playing with these strainers. Two year olds can find amusement with the most unusual things.

Here LiLi, Carol and Ruthie playing “Ring around the Rosie(sp)”. Ever since this day, I will hear LiLi suddenly singing the song although her favorite song these days seems to be “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” which appears to have no end when she sings it.

Getting her hair done. Aunt Anne is very good at french braiding hair and LiLi looked absolutely adorable. What I cannot figure out is why she will sit so still for other people when they do her hair but continually moves her head when I attempt it.

Steve, Ani and LiLi at the birthday party