More of the room

The uproar over the lack new photos of the room has been tremendous, so succumbing to public pressure here are a few more detailed photos of the room.


Is it me, or does the frog look a little nervous?


Otters spend a lot of time in the cold water, so they of course need warm sweaters.

Maggie has been very nervous and clingy over the past few weeks. She knows something is up but isn’t sure what it is. Each time we brought something new in – crib, clothes, toys, shelves, – she had to sniff it completely checking it out. She’s been spending a lot of time in Lili’s room just hanging out and getting used to all the changes. I know Maggie can’t wait for Lili to get home, if only for the dropped food that’s in her future.



It’s finally getting close: A – 4 days and L – 9 days.