Child Free Mornings

This morning Catherine and I had a child-free morning because Li Li spent the night at Catherine’s parents house while we went to a play. Before Li Li, we never truly cherished sleeping in, going out for a leisurely breakfast or any of the options a married couple without kids can enjoy without thought. Now given our daughter’s penchant for waking between 6:15 and 6:30 – sleeping in a gift and even then it’s only a partial sleep. Eating out for breakfast is not even in the realm of possibility.

Of course Catherine might say that most of my mornings are child-free but can I help it that Li Li only wants to see her mommy?

Here are some recent pictures.

Catherine Li Li Sunlight morning 09 72 dpi

Catherine and Li Li enjoy a lazy morning in pajamas on the couch.

Li Li Orange 72dpi

Li Li likes to peel her own oranges. “I do!”

maggie Peanut Butter 72dpi

Maggie is completed entertained with a jar of peanut butter and we don’t have to worry about any pesky salmonella.