Many of you know that once again the vicissitudes of employment have seen fit create another career change opportunity for me. I’ve used some of my new found free-time to update this blog, I’ve also started twittering under the name @jobhuntin Logon and start following me. I’m also blogging on my professional web site , so stop by and see if you find anything interesting.

I’ve been skeptical, and still am, of twitter because really who cares what someone is doing every minute of the day but as a haiku fan I think there is something worthy in a short-form message. The 140 character limit imposes discpline reminiscent of the inverted pyramid lede. I’ve found that the journalistic heuristic is a wonderful guide for twittering and it’s saved me far too often when sending a message in email, and now twitter. The rhythm of who, what, when, where, why and how is still useful over 20 years after I first put into practice for a newspaper.

I chose my user name for a specific reason – i’m @Jobhuntin so most of my twitters will be on that topic – or tangentially related to it. So I’ll try to make my posts worth reading – mostly the posts will be links to a story or blog entry worth reading – but some will track my path to my next career move.

In honor of that move, here’s a job search Haiku.

resume written
cover letters customized
only waiting now

I realize most of you only come here for pictures of Li Li, and rightfully so, therefore I’ll try to post one at least one picture a week in addition to my occasional musings. -t