Happy Birthday LiLi

We cannot believe it but last weekend, LiLi turned 3. I cannot believe how old she is getting. She now pretty much talks to you all day long and walks with almost a constant twirl or arabesque. Skirts remain her favorite thing to wear and it is getting harder and harder to put her in pants even for her father. She also loves her nightgowns which I have to admit I do not understand because I don’t ever remember thinking they were comfortable to wear. LiLi, of course, like I believe most if not all 3 year olds likes to do things by herself and if you do it instead, we often end up with a small temper tantrum but thank goodness those are usually short lived. Her imagination is also blossoming which is wonderful to watch. She often takes her animals to the store or the zoo and right now is going off to school with a suitcase full of toy food a book you can write in and a net for catching bugs. Her imagination has also conjured up some monsters. These monsters seem to come around when it gets dark and like to hang out in the bathroom(that way someone can go with you to wash your hands) and when we have been caught out of bed at the top of the stairs. I believe three is going to be quite an exciting year.

We had a small birthday party for LiLi with our babysitter, her husband and their to children for dinner followed by cake with Margaret and Peter. LiLi appeared to have a wonderful time. Since animals remain one of her favorite things, we went with an artic cake after Mommy found some polar bears on sale at Pottery Barn.

Opening Presents
Opening birthday presents

Birthday cake

Blowing out candles

One candle kept relighting although they all came out of the same box and no where did it say they were relighting candles but LiLi thoroughly enjoyed blowing it out over and over again

Ice cream and cake