Monsters, ghosts, dragons and of course evil penguins

As I mentioned before, LiLi’s imagination is flourishing and with that came some monsters. For the most part, although she has expressed fear of those monster, it has been without much fear in her voice or her actions but over the last couple of weeks, it has begun to play a more prominent and fearful role. A week or two ago, she became very upset about a half hour after going to bed and actually appeared to be frightened. While I was calming her down and talking about all the animals in her room and how they would protect her from all the monsters and ghosts she pointed towards the door and said “What ’bout that?” Looking up at the ceiling, I noticed that her nightlight was reflecting the lamp shade in such a way to make it appear like a ghostly version of Darth Vader. If the shade tilts slightly(which it does quite often), this shape is repeated and we have found that not turning on the night light helps prevent any ghostly nights. Two nights ago, she had a bad time with ghosts, monsters and then added a dragon(we had been to the children’s museum which has a dragon on top which she loves) and a band of “evil?” penguins who she had a good dream about 4 nights ago but now they appear to be on some sort of rampage. So last night, I tried the monster light. We have a big flashlight downstairs and LiLi used that to scare away the monsters. After being tucked into bed, the monsters, dragons, ghosts and penguins started staring in the window, so I went downstairs and found a little flashlight that I have had in my work bag for about 2 years for no reason and brought it upstairs. I showed LiLi how to use it and she flashed it around the room a couple of times and then she put it next to her in the bed and said “I keep it right here.” She fell asleep without any incidents and slept well. We’ll see if it works tonight.

Here are a couple of random photos