Easter Day

LiLi enjoyed her Easter Day although she did not realize it was Easter when she first woke up. She went about her business until Mommy pointed out that she might want to look over at the table where she had left the carrots the night before and see if there was anything there. Sure enough, she found a bucket filled with “toys and candy” from “Mr Rabbit and Mr Bunny”(I am not sure how she came up with these names for the Easter Bunny. Well, she enjoyed finding toys and then was overjoyed to discover that there were plastic eggs filled with different types of candy. She think she loves candy but really she enjoyed unwrapping the candy not actually eating it but she wanted open all the eggs. After that she went and found the dyed eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden one for her and one for everyone else and then she gave one to everyone and we ate breakfast. While eating breakfast out by the pool, she noticed that there were some more plastic eggs so she had to go and see what she could find. This lasted for about 5 minutes before she lost interest but by that time she had at least fifteen eggs. She was quite generous with them and put one at each seat when we set the table for dinner.
Aunt Anne, Gom, Captain E and Anna P came over for Easter dinner bearing with them more gifts so LiLi decided it was quite a good day. She had a lot of attention, new toys and candy.

Easter Bunny Poppie

Easter morning

Easter basket discoveries

LiLi and Aunt Anne on Easter Day