Maritime Aquarium

A month or so ago, LiLi and I went to Connecticut to meet Aunt Christine and Lila for a big girls day out for LiLi’s birthday. LiLi chose to go to the aquarium when asked whether she wanted to go to an aquarium or the children’s museum that was not the dragon(our Children’s museum). A good time was had by all. LiLi’s favorite part was the frog exhibit. There were all sorts of frogs and salamaders but by far everyone’s (except maybe Lila) favorite was the ugly frog. This frog kind of looked like a smushed version of Jabba the Hut or Rush Limbaugh. Take your pick. For a month after going to the aquarium, LiLi would say to me every morning, “We went aquarium, saw ugly frog.” I would ask why the frog was ugly and she would reply “someone mushed him.” I don’t know why but that remark said by my 3 year old always made me laugh. Anyhow, here are some pictures from the aquarium.

Trying on the turtle’s shell

Aunt Christine helps

Lila trying on the turtle’s shell

Trying out different sea creatures

And another one

And another one

One more try. LiLi has grown suddenly