Whoopie Pies

LiLi is becoming quite a good helper in the kitchen. She can clean lettuce, take the skins off of garlic, take the ends off of asparagus and crack eggs. However, she has not done a lot of baking because that is not my forte. This weekend, however, we made whoopie pies and LiLi enjoyed every step of the process. We made the cakes on Saturday and as you can see below, she really enjoyed tasting the batter. Then we frosted them on Sunday. Initially, she had trouble with frosting the cakes and her first couple of whoopie pies were a little skimpy on the icing but as time went on she got better and better. Here is LiLi enjoying the fruits of her labor(actually, the only person I know who does not like whoopie pies is my mother).





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  1. cschomer says:

    That is quite an outfit for frosting whoopie pies. Uncle Josh, obviously, is heartbroken over missing a batch.

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