Some new pictures

*** editor’s note – Found this old draft from 2009 – Published as is. ****

Thom upgraded the blog this week and then told me how much easier it would be to update.  Then the first day I used it, it was not updating properly and my computer ended up crashing.  Anyhow here are some pictures from the summer

LiLi loves to paint but she does spend a lot of time painting the “special” paintbrushes before painting on the paper:
Painting Again-4395

Painting Again-4391

In the spring, we went to Davis Farmland where LiLi had a blast and she is still talking about going back. She got to ride a horse, milk a goat and help a crowd herd a bunch of goats in addition to seeing many big and baby farm animals. The rat was one I could do without but otherwise we all enjoyed it.

Davis Farmland 2009 Spring-103