She’s here!!!!

Well, it is 10:00 at night here and both Lili and Thom are fast asleep.  It was quite a day.  We arrived at the SWI building at about 4:30 and as we came into the big room where we were to meet our babies, people were leaving with their new babies.  In the room, there were others who had already gotten their babies.  The whole room was overwhelming with people running backward and forward and babies crying.  Her name was called in Chinese and we showed our passports and our invitation and then she was in my arms.  It was the most overwhelming feeling and all I could was just hold her and hug her.  We were one of the first couples to get our baby and so as you can imagine there was not much time for us to take pictures but I have included a couple here from a little afterwards. Actually, I just tried to upload them and it is not working and it is too late at night to be trying to figure it out.  Hopefully, Thom will be able to blog in the morning.

Anyhow, after getting Lili we settled down with her and just gazed at her and at first she seemed all right with this and then she started to cry.  We tried feeding her but that only worked for a few minutes and then she rejected the bottle so we tried to make one with hot water.  Also, rejected.  Thom finally thought of taking her into the hallway away from everyone and she calmed down somewhat at least enough to try to take us in and figure us out.  She would every once in a while give one of us a look like I don’t know you and then start crying again.  The chaos in the room continued and we were called into to have our family picture done and then to have an interview and sign some paperwork. Then we were already to go back to the hotel.  Lili fell asleep the minute the bus started to move but woke up the minute it stopped. But to also add to the chaos, on the way over to get our babies we had decided to switch hotels so we went back to our original hotel and packed up all our belongings and got back on the bus. This was a new experience for us because Lili had decided that everything was fine as long as she was in constant motion.  I strapped on the baby bjorn (incorrectly, I later figured out) and we packed up.  Everyone was ready to go in a suprisingly short period of time and we moved to our new hotel.  By the time, we got to our room it was after 7:15pm.  Dinner was at 7:30.  Needless to say we were not there on time.  We undressed Lili down to 1 layer of clothing on the top and 2 on the bottom since she was going to be inside and brought her down to dinner.  What a different baby food made.  I thought she would not want to go into the highchair since she was still insisting on constant motion but she showed no reluctance and began to eat cheerios which she had rejected earlier.  She seemed to really enjoy any food except the watermelon and even enjoyed the highchair itself.  She tended to lilt to one side but this did not bother her and she opened her mouth up like a little bird for the noodles and then sucked the egg custard right off the spoon.  By the end of her first meal with us, she had smiled multiple times and kept regarding Thom with these big eyes that seemed to say “Ok, I think you are someone I like.” Poor Thom now appears to live with 2 people who get cranky when they are hungry but I’m sure he’ll adapt.

She appeared very tired as did we all so we brought her up to her room and Thom got her ready for bed.  She cried for a while while getting ready for bed but eventually found her fingers and wrapped her arm around her new lamb blanket and consoled herself.  I then read her Goodnight Moon and we put her down in her bed.  She just watched us move around the room but seemed quite content to lay there and she eventually fell asleep sometime around 9:00-9:15 pm.  She seems to be doing pretty well so far and is sleeping through Thom’s snoring which is a plus for her.  I just keep staring at her in her crib.  She is the most beautiful baby and right now she is lying in on her back as though she is getting ready to make a snow angel.  I can’t wait to see how her personality continues to come out over the next few days.

That’s all for now.  I am going to try and get some sleep now.  Hopefully, Thom will be able to upload some pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Heather and Pat says:

    Catherine and Thom:

    We are so excited for you guys … it sure makes all those WYW meetings seem a lot less miserable. We can’t wait to see pictures of the new family together. Try and get all the sleep you can (the only parental advice I feel confident enough to give).

    Also, please say hello to Candy for us. She was our national guide also. We spent many a day in China scanning the skies for Garfield on a stick!!

    We are so happy for you guys, take care and we can’t wait to meet your new addition.

    Pat and Heather

  2. raem77 says:

    YAY!!!!! Sounds like the first hours together went fairly well! So happy to hear that! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Sailboat29 says:

    Thom & Katherine,
    Congratulations! It IS the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally have your little Lili. Can’t wait to see the pictures of her. Do you have Jenny for your local guide (pretty sure you probably do?) She and candy are the best, please pass on our regards if you have the chance. Enjoy every moment you’re in China; it all seems so surreal right now, but it’s a beautiful country.

    John & Carol G

  4. bschomer says:

    I am sitting at my desk…crying my eyes out. I am so excited for all of you. It sounds like everything is going quite well in the first hours of parenthood.

  5. Grampa says:


    I sense that you are as happy as you have ever been. That is going to be a big help. Enjoy the euphoria!! We cannot wait to see the pictures and to see you all in person. We only how your “glow” doen’t blind us.

    All our love,

    Gramma and grampa

  6. Mariko says:

    I’m so happy for both of you and am all weepy in my little cubicle. I can’t wait to see photos, which I’m sure will make me even weepier.

  7. cschomer says:

    Oscars 2007 be damned – the real drama lies right here! Do you realize how many people are going to spend the next 12 hours hitting the refresh key? Holy egg custard, post a picture of that baby before we all book flights on JAL and track you down!

    All in all, it sounded like a relatively smooth day. Hope you are all still asleep.

    Lots of love from Chris, Josh and Cousin Lila.

  8. Gram says:

    Fantastic!!!! its hard to type with tears of happiness and joy. So glad to know LiLi is happy and smiling at both of her new parents and ya’ll are settling in together. Look forward to seeing more pictures and reading about Lili and your adventures with her.

  9. Anne says:

    Yippee! I’m so happy for all of you!

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